Octavia Project participants completed a month-long workshop series where they brought their imaginary worlds to life in writings, drawings, maps, prints, sculptures, 3D models, online games, and wearable electronics.

Interactive Storytelling
Mad Libs & Fortune Cookies

I didn’t like coding until now! I made an interactive mad lib and a fortune cookie app. Try Isheyana's mad lib or fortune cookie app.

Wearable Electronics
Futuristic Fashion

I like bows so that’s why I wanted to design a headband with a bow. At the end of the workshop my circuit didn’t work so it wouldn’t light up. But I went home and fixed it all by myself, came back and rocked my flashing bow.

Block Printing
Alien Plants

This was my first day at the Octavia Project but I just jumped in. I liked it because I love to paint!

3D Modeling
Alien Cities

There’s a man on a lion and a man under the lion, about to be eaten. This design was inspired by my alien plant block print. You can see the giant insects and plant life of another world.