Octavia Project participants completed a month-long workshop series where they brought their imaginary worlds to life in writings, drawings, maps, prints, sculptures, 3D models, online games, and wearable electronics.

Interactive Storytelling
Superhero Story

I based my Twine on a Ms. Marvel story and added my own twist to it. I allowed players to make their own choices and each one will have a different outcome. Try Naya's game.

Block Printing
Alien Plants

I thought of a Venus Fly Trap--it was a random thought I had. But I think of Venus Fly Traps as evil, so many plant was evil. My plant has teeth and it spits poison at things it feels threatened by.

Clay Modeling
Alien Cities

I also modeled this off my alien plant world. I made a cave to show where the humans live and how they protect themselves from the evil poisonous plants.

This is another picture of my clay model. I drew a map of the city before I did my clay model, and it helped because I knew where I wanted everything to be before I started in with clay.

3D Modeling
Alien Buildings

I was thinking of the world where my alien plant lives. I made a cave because that is where the humans live to protect themselves from the dangerous and toxic plants. They’re little hubs of caves where human live and they have shining orbs to help them see in the dark.

Wearable Tech
Alien Fashion

I made a bag that lights up for my people from the alien plant world. They put their supplies in the bag when they go hunting for food.

Photographing NYC
Alien Imagery

I took of a picture of the dirt to show an idea of what my alien plant world looks like.