Octavia Project participants completed a month-long workshop series where they brought their imaginary worlds to life in writings, drawings, maps, prints, sculptures, 3D models, online games, and wearable electronics.

Interactive Storytelling
Your Destiny

In this project, we made a game which was interactive with the players. I made a fortune cookie game which tells your fortune. What inspired me was the outcomes that normally come out of a fortune cookie. I made this project with programming codes and the software Twine. The program allowed me to change the themes and colors in a way I enjoyed. Try Osariemen's game.

Future Cities

My world is organized and neat. It is also green in terms of plants and trees. What makes my world successful is the people that inhabit it. The people are well-educated and work together to achieve this type of world. They keep it old school but at the same time modern.

My world has used technology and team work to make it what it is right now. People live in harmony with themselves and the plants. They are conservative and at the same time liberal in consideration of matters. In my world fun and hardwork coexist together so as to bring balance. My world adapts. That's why there are some empty spaces, showing that my world has not reached its perfection, which is to make this world suitable for humans and nature.

My imaginary world is meant to be organized. It has more rules, houses, jobs, and more urban planning. The world is balanced in population size. What inspired me was how I could make the world look so organized. I made this project with drawing paper, houses organized on each side of the road. My world looks symmetrical. The big building is where people work. There are lots of plants, trees, and flowers, intermixed with the buildings.

3D Modeling
Future Cities

My imaginary world is neat and organized. This project is from the same world as my mapmaking project, inspired by “The Maze Runner” and “The Hunger Games.” I used blue foam, hot glue, and cardboard to make my organized world and green tissue paper to make my trees and plants.

And this is a different view of the 3D model I made of my future city.

Photographing NYC
Neighborhood Imagery

In this project we took pictures of our environment. What inspired me was the things I see everyday, with my own eyes. I made these pictures with a Nikon camera.